read/write/fold Architecture is a multidimensional manufacturing and distribution system for generative architecture. read/write/fold Architecture allows the user to write – read – modify – print and assemble scale models of generative architectural forms and spaces. The basic architectures are transcribed from the printed page before being activated with live data to generate new dynamic structures. These new forms can be viewed as virtual 3d models, before being printed and folded to construct ‘real’ 3d models. The read/write/fold Architecture exists somewhere between the data/code that defines them, the printed page that displays them and the 3d model (virtual and real) that manifests them. read/write/fold Architecture is a collaborative project from: model, Arch-os and the Institute of Digi- tal Arts and Technology. Ideas manufactured by: Adam Montandon, Mike Phillips and Chris Speed.



…is a new work for Arch-OS, in collaboration with the artists Eve Dent, commissioned by:

Performance Research: a quarterly journal of contemporary performance arts ‘On the Page’ Vol.9, No.2 (June 2004 ISSN 1352-8165)

With the support the Centre for Creative Enterprise and Participation at Dartington College of Arts and the South West of England Regional Development Agency/ Knowledge Exploitation South West ‘Proof of Concept’ funding, Performance Research is able to commission a number of works from artists and practitioners based in or related to the South West area for an issue to be called ‘On the Page’ and published in June 2004.

‘On the Page’ will take to another stage the journal’s investigations into the relationship between print, digital media and performance. Commissioned pieces, which the editors hope may include practitioners in a number of disciplines, for example including architecture, musical composition, choreography, will show concern for the future of the page as a vehicle for ideas and for navigating the limbo between the tangible mutable world of paper, the event/ space of performance, and the digital realm.


Performance Research
The journal Performance Research (Routledge/ Taylor & Francis) founded and edited by Ric Allsopp, Richard Gough and Claire MacDonald has been an important and distinctive voice in the world of contemporary performance arts since 1996, publishing work by a wide range of artists, practitioners and scholars from the UK, continental Europe, the USA and Australia. As well as speaking for contemporary concerns in the spheres of performance, theatre, dance, and critical practice, Performance Research also tries to redraw the boundaries of academic publishing in its engagement with the visual language of textual practice. It has been unusual in encouraging academics and theoreticians as well as artists and practitioners to contribute material in the form of ‘artists’ pages and to consider the printed page equally as a discursive and performative space