Arch-OS is a component of the i-DAT Operating Systems project which is managed by the Institute of Digital Art & Technology, and produced by members of the Centre for Media Art & Design Research, in collaboration with members of the School of Computing & Mathematics, Plymouth University.

Arch-OS development team:

Many thanks to all the researchers and students who have contributed to the Arch-OS Systems projects over the years. Individual contributions are acknowledged alongside projects and software downloads. Special thanks for Professor Chris Speed, George GrinsteadAdrian Ward and Peter Anders for being there at the beginning.

Arch-OS project collaborators

The Arch-OS project has been developed through a series of collaborations with Architects, Engineers, Digital Media Designers and Artists, including:

The original Portland Square installation was developed in partnership with:


Arch-OS has been developed in collaboration with:

ACE Canadian CACurtinIBM  PUeviz