Psychometric Architecture is an extension of the Arch-OS system and brings together three spaces [the Portland Square Arch-OS installation in the University of Plymouth (UoP), and the exhibition space in Beijing at QI and Complexity conference and exhibition: Peking University, DaXing Campus (Beida) and the Central Academy of Fina Arts (CAFA)] and their inhabitants.

The concepts of objects (or places) seeming to record events and then play them back for sensitive people is generally referred to as ‘psychometry’. Arch-OS extends this apparent paranormal context by linking through a live network three remote architectures, forming a new ‘Psychometric Architecture’… a networked architecture that merges the activities of each building, creating a composite of synchronous and asynchronous ghostly inhabitants… the feeling of being here… or there… before….

You may be waving to your self in the past, the future or to the occupants of CAFA, Beida or UoP…

Arch-OS represents an evolution in intelligent architecture, interactive art and ubiquitous computing. An ‘Operating System’ for contemporary architecture (Arch-OS, ‘software for buildings’) has been developed to manifest the life of a building and provide artists, engineers and scientists with a unique environment for developing transdisciplinary work and new art.


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[Mike Phillips & Justin Roberts]